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August 03, 2020 2 min read

At The Natural Gift Collective, we believe in quality over quantity always!Our boards are made to last, each produced from a single piece of timber which means they are long-lasting, don't crack, and are 100% natural (no glue or toxins).

However, much like us, your board will be prone to wear and tear as the years go by!

To keep it looking lush for years to come here are a few of our top tips on caring for your board:

1. Washing

Predominantly made from (gorgeously grained and deliciously fragrant) camphor laurel, your board is naturally antibacterial and easy to wash! All it requires is a light hand wash between uses. You don't always have to use dishwashing detergent - a simple wipe down is often perfectly acceptable - however, we would recommend using detergent after cutting raw meat, poultry or fish. 

Pleasedo not put your board in the dishwasher as the extremely wet and hot nature of the dishwasher will leave the board prone to cracking.

2. Drying

Please leave the board standing while it dries to avoid waterlogging and mould. Make sure the board is dry before putting it away as this may cause the wood to warp. It is also beneficial for the board to be stored upright if possible, although not essential.

3. Oiling

We recommend oiling your board every 2-3 months to keep them looking vibrant and feeling smooth to touch. Grapeseed oil is your best option for this as it will leave no smell or taste on the board. To oil, simply pour a splash of oil in the centre of the board and spread with a brush until the board is lightly coated. Leave to dry in a drying rack.

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