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August 22, 2021 3 min read

Welcome to the first blog of the Sustainable Sundays Series!

Before jumping into what the series is about, I wanted to touch on how we got here.

If you’ve been following @thenaturalgiftcollective on social media, you would have seen a post which talked about a few changes for the business and a couple of exciting projects.. This blog is one of them!

It's been nearly 9 months of working full-time on The Natural Gift Collective, and thanks to COVID-19, it's been a pretty wild time. Like all business owners, I've tried my best to act quickly to adapt to the ongoing changes around us.. moving quickly and creating more. 

Being able to do this is great, but it's also important to slow down, reflect and do better.

These past few weeks I've spent time realigning with my personal values and also the values of The Natural Gift Collective and am feeling excited and energised to share them with you. 

When your values are clear, your decisions become easy. Moving forward, all decisions including which products we stock and who we partner with will be in strictly in line with;

  •  Creating beautiful experiences.

The Natural Gift Collective was born just before mothers day at the beginning on Sydney's first lockdown in 2019. I wanted to be able to send thoughtful, handmade gift packs to friends to let them know I was thinking of them. We will be keeping gift-giving at the heart of what we do. Making gifting options easier, more beautiful and with a faster turnaround time so you can continue making your loved ones days.

  • Supporting local makers/artists.

As a maker and an artist, I know how much effort and love goes into handmade products. I love being able to share this with others, and I also love supporting other makers and artists who are doing the same. I think the authenticity and passion of makers  is obvious in their high-quality, unique products, making them perfect for gifting. I also think the storytelling of who makes your gifts is part of what makes them so special.

  • Planet & people first.

Coming from a background in environmental engineering and sustainable development, I’ve always been very conscious about what products & processes we choose, but recently while moving quickly to adapt, decisions were made with less consideration to this than previously, because I felt the pressure to create more & faster. But now it's time to do better.  Because you and our planet deserve the best! 

I believe these 3 values go hand in hand (in hand). Supporting artists and makers who are using environmentally sustainable processes making the most beautiful, authentic pieces. 

Enter.. Sustainable Sundays!

So bringing all of these together, Sustainable Sundays will bring you short, fresh doses of sustainability goodness each week! It will be a mix of sustainability, lifestyle and pretty things.

To give you a better idea, here are some things on the horizon:

  • What is the circular economy and why should we care about it?
  • Slow vs fast fashion explained and why it matters.
  • Creative platter ideas using seasonal produce
  • How to restore wooden kitchen items

Excited to be on this journey with you and thanks for reading. 

Speak to you next week!

Bec xx



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