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August 03, 2020 1 min read

It’s one of our most popular questions and for good reason! At The Natural Gift Collective, we pride ourselves on bringing you unique pieces of timber (that smell delightful) and aresustainably sourced

So, where does our wood come from? The Natural Gift Collective has three sources:

1. The Farm

The majority of the timber used by The Natural Gift Collective is sourced from a farm located in Northern NSW, just past Port Macquarie. The farm produces and sells boutique Australian timbers. It also sells Camphor Laurel, a rich honey-coloured timber which is considered a weed in the area.

The Natural Gift Collective has sourced timber from this farm for over five years so we know how to spot unique pieces with the character needed to create something extra special.

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2. Our Supplier

In order to invest more of our energy into the artworks and personalised designs you see featured on our products, we source some of our boards from Valley of Craftsmen. Specialists in camphor laurel and sharing our values in sustainability, we’ve known these guys through the industry for many years now and hold the boards they produce in high regard.

3. Salvaged Timber

We HATE to see timber go to waste so a small portion of the wood we use is salvaged. Varieties such as red cedar or pine are occasionally sourced from family or friends within our network, council clean-ups, or local hardware shops to name a few.

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